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A look inside our store and sites...

Welcome to Starstore.com/The Last Picture Show...

And Hollywood's latest bit of stupidity?

a remake of Poltergeist is in the works. Pardon me while I scream a bit.



What next? Actually, don't answer that. say it too loud and another bad idea will get greenlit.


In case you haven't seen the awesomeness yet...

My god, is this actually going to be brilliant?


We are waiting for our initial shipments of the brand new NECA Classic Aliens in 18” and 7” formats. They’re on their way now and will be out soon! These figures are going to be awesome, and frankly they walk all over the AVPR figures NECA made in conjunction with the last film. Going back to HR Giger’s original designs for the first movie has helped them create something truly impressive this time out, which is great as the Aliens in the last two films have been a bit drab design-wise. This is what the beasts are supposed to look like! The figures are to be supplied in ALIEN 1 themed packaging and will be welcome additions to the Aliens merchandise range we can offer.


The 1990s saw the birth of an ingenious franchise in the form of CG science fiction series Reboot. A completely computer generated cartoon, it followed the adventures of a group of friends and their battles against an evil computerized overlord. It was kind of like a more streetwise TRON, and was actually very, very good. The animation in Reboot has dated a hell of a lot now, but the premise is still sound. Now, here comes news of a brand new feature film of Reboot, which is fantastic news for all fans of the show and its characters. What’s more, a whole new generation is going to fall in love with the ideas and the stories. I really hope this turns out well. Granted, animated movies don’t do that well these days, but Reboot may just have a chance…


Okay, so James Marsters originally spilled the beans that he is apparently to return in series 3 of Torchwood, but what else is going on with the show? We know the new audio episode, featuring jack, Gwen, Martha and Ianto is on its way to Radio 4, but details about the next series of the TV show are scarce. Head Torchwood writer Chris Chibnall hasn’t let much slip, but there have been some interesting things mentioned elsewhere. For a start, the Marsters thing, which would be great as he was superb when he showed up in series 2. Then there’s that rumour that John Barrowman will be cutting the amount of episodes he appears in, which wouldn’t be good for the show as he’s its biggest star. Martha is said to be joining up as a full-time member of the Torchwood team, which I’m all for as anything with Freema Agyeman in it gets my seal of approval anyway!

Then there is the matter of the new cast members. Two are being talked about, one male, one female, to fill the vacant spots left by the deaths of Owen and Toshiko. I’ve heard a couple of names attached to each part, but I’ll get my wrists slapped if I mention them here yet. Mind you, another rumour has it that Owen didn’t die, he just transcended into some other form at the end of series 2. Who knows?

There’s a set of Torchwood action figures out in August, which are available to preorder now. The Torchwood action figures series one consists of Jack, Gwen, a Weevil and the Cyberwoman. Hmm. Fair enough, but wouldn’t cast members have been better to make than two creatures, one of whom was universally ridiculed when their episode was shown?
What? Okay, I love the ideas of another sequel to The Gate, which was one of the best of the 1980s slew of cheesy horror movies and still has a following today, but the question does need to be asked- why? The guys over at Joblo floated the original announcement, and according to them it will very much be a sequel, and not a remake. The apparent title for the new movie is THE GATE: 20 YEARS LATER, but there’s not much else other than that to offer in the way of details yet. Will Stephen Dorff return? Will there be any use of stop motion? The original Gate movie (and its lesser sequel from 1987) made great use of traditional stop motion animation, which is waaaaay more effective that CG as the creatures actually have some mass to them. I’d love to see an updated use of stop motion in this new film as that would give it such a distinctive style in this age of stale CG fests. The creatures would look so much more effective and surreal.

”TheCollapse )

Going to keep an eye on this one, as I do love the first film. The second? Meh, its watchable, but the first is a work of cheesy genius.

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