San Diego Comic Con! Our Coverage is ON!!!

The 40th annual San Diego Comic Con is underway over the pond, and while we've not been able to make it over there ourselves (I will one day, IO swear!), we're covering as much of the event as we can across our own blogosphere! Check these out:

San Diego Comic Con: Avatar, Twilight: New Moon, Alice in Wonderland, Tron: Legacy, SAW 7 and Smallville!

San Diego Comic Con: New Movie Posters for SAW 6, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, JONAH HEX and the new TRON: LEGACY logo!

New Sideshow Collectibles items at San Diego Comic Con

Sideshow Collectibles Exclusives and Special Offers at SDCC
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Wolverine's big secret, and UPDATES

So then, the Wolverine movie isn't actually all that different to the leaked version that was floated recently. That's kind of a shame, as reviews of the leaked version weren't that positive. The ludicrous screwing up of continuity is going to turn off a chunk of the fanbase, but I'm sure it will turn some coin for Fox.

What is bugging me is the news that the film is going to have various alternate endings tagged onto the credits. There are six one-minute extra scenes being put onto random prints. Not all of them will carry an extra scene, and there's no telling which one you'll see. Erm, oooo-kay. I don;t think fleecing people to see the flick repeatedly is going to help it all that much, but who am I to argue? Oh yeah, I'm the target audience.

Some recent updates to check out from Starstore:

Weird Doctor Who casting rumour

Thoughts on Robert Rodriguez' PREDATORS movie

No SPACED movie, says Simon Pegg

Mars Attacks- looking back at Tim Burton's flawed classic

Anne McCaffrey- An appreciation of the PERN creator

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So this is 2009 is it? I must say it's pretty cool so far, and it's only going to get better. New Star Trek, more Doctor Who, WATCHMEN, new Transformers movie, and a ton of other cool stuff going on.

If you haven't checked out STARSTORECAST, our online show, then you can visit the production blog!

STARSTORECAST production blog

There are three episodes up so far, and episodes 4 and 5 will be with you shortly.

BE WARNED: We will soon be throwing videos at you. Be afraid.

New blogs...

Hey all! I hope 2009 is shaping up well for you all. We have two new blogs now underway, which are less news about the media and entertainment industry, and more about us ourselves. So, if you fancy getting inside our heads a bit more than our main blogs will allow, check these out:

The Last Picture Show on Tumblr

Starstore on Tumblr

So how many of you have botched your new year resolutions already?